Commercial Roller Shutters



Shutter curtains are constructed from continuous interlocking galvanised steel laths (perforated lath available), securely held in place by end locks. Bottom rails are generally galvanised and roll-formed into T-section.


Vertical guides are formed from rolled steel or aluminum and supplied with fixing angles suitable for securing to the structure.


Prime painted mild steel of appropriate thickness relative to door size and supplied with fixing angles suitable for securing to the structure.


The barrel is constructed from seamless steel tube of adequate diameter to resist deflection and held in bearings or cups attached to the endplates.

Coil Casings & Fascia

Galvanised coil casings and fascia sections are available.


Generally galvanised with non-galvanised parts prime painted. Steel laths available in:

  • HP200 Plastisol finish in a range of colours
  • Polyester powder coated in a range of BS/RAL colours to give a durable finish

Electrical Operation

Operated by means of:

  • 240v single phase Tube Motor Unit with adjustable limit switches incorporated to stop the shutter at the end of each travel.

Control Options

  • Low level Key switch
  • Internal Paddle Switch
  • Remote control system with transmitters and safety photocells are also available

Battery Back Up System

A device used to provide an alternative source of power to allow a limited number of operations of the door, should the main power supply from the consumer unit fail.

Commercial Roller Shutter Doors, o2 Store, Grafton Street, Ireland

Commercial Roller Shutter Door

Commercial Roller Shutter Window Dublin, Ireland



Technical Specification

Commercial Roller Shutter Door

Opening Height Side Room Required
Up to 2500mm 250mm 250mm 50mm(min)
2600mm – 3300mm 300mm 300mm 50mm(min)
3400mm – 4500mm 350mm 350mm 50mm(min)
4600mm – 6000mm 400mm 400mm 50mm(min)
Commercial Roller Shutter Window Dublin, Ireland

All our products are manufactured to a very high specification. However, planned maintenance can ensure trouble free operation.

Our Service Department can advise on a suitable maintenance agreement.